Soliddd brings sight

to hundreds of millions of vision-impaired people with the first true vision correction for macular degeneration. We actually provide sight in areas of the visual field where those who suffer from this condition would otherwise see nothing at all.

We do this with a new kind of electronic eyeglasses that go far beyond typical AR-headset-based low-vision aids. We beam light in parallel rays from the periphery of your field of view to the far edges of your retina, and engage the visual cortex in a newly discovered way: stereo vision from each eye. 

This allows highly accurate retinal mapping for the world’s best gaze tracking, and for diagnostics for a host of medical conditions.

It all combines into a unique and superior form of AR and VR glasses with a focus on vision correction and health.


Our Team

Neal Weinstock, CEO

Richard A. Muller, Chief Science Officer

Motti Attia, Director of Business Development

Brandon Yee, VP Strategy

Jay Hirschson, CFO

Graham Stubbs, Software Team Leader

Michael Silbergleid, Marketing Director


Robert Bramson

Steven Briganti

Henry Feintuch

Stanley Ference

David Hayes

Board of Directors

Derek Myers, Chairman

Neal Weinstock

Norman Gross

Albert Litewka, Chairman Emeritus